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Nancy Rumbel: Home

Welcome to Ocarina Music!

This is a site to celebrate the International Creative Spirit of the Ocarina.  Nancy Rumbel, a GRAMMY award winning musician, composer, teacher and consultant has played Ocarinas for over 35 years.  Her exceptional musicianship, performance experiences, and friends who make and play the Ocarina are truly unique. 

NEWS: Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!  I have several shows coming up in January the first of which is the Tingstad & Rumbel 32nd Annual 12th Night Langley, Wa performance on Jan. 7.  We will also be heading down to California in mid-January to play at Ripon, Jan 12, Livermore, Jan 14 and at the SOKA Performing Arts Center in Aliso Viejo, Jan 18.  You can find the concerts details at    Even if you can't come to a performance, please let friends know who might be able to or gift them tickets to a show!  Thanks so much!

I did some ocarina session work in addition to English horn, oboe and melodica on a beautiful new project called Hummingbird by Susan Osborn that will be released in 2017.  

Thank You's go to electric cellist Jami Sieber for inviting me to perform 9 shows on her fall PNW tour and also to the continued tradition of Tingstad & Rumbel Holiday performances!  Always a pleasure to play live shows.

OCARINA QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about my playing or ocarina playing in general, please send me an email at    I see soooooo many players (professional ones too :) who have fingers that are raised high off of the keys when playing.  I encourage players to relax their fingers which will expedite their technique, but you have to learn how to relax your fingers and that takes practice! There are some wonderful hints on how to do this.  

When in South Korea performing at the DMZ2.0 last September, I saw my friend and master wooden Ocarina maker Hyunil Ko.  He gave me a beautiful Korean style double wooden ocarina.  It is gorgeous!  Thank You Hyunil!!!   One of my new compositions is entitled Korean Peace. 

BUSINESS NEWS:  Nancy is available for Ocarina Lessons/Consults on Skype.  For more information:

ABOUT THIS SITE:  "I have the distinct pleasure and honor of professionally playing and composing music for the Ocarina for several decades.  During this time I have met many incredible ocarina makers and players and collected some amazing instruments. While working on my Ocarina compilation entitled Ocarina Music I realized I wanted to create a website to share information about Ocarinas from around the world and my Ocarina projects. However my schedule is very busy and I get behind on posting so many things that I would love to share. Hopefully soon! :) " Nancy Rumbel

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! 

  World Peace Through Ocarinas!

                     Nancy Rumbel