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Nancy Rumbel: Home

Welcome to Ocarina Music!

This is a site to celebrate the International Creative Spirit of the Ocarina.  Nancy Rumbel, a GRAMMY award winning musician, composer, teacher and consultant has played Ocarinas for over 35 years.  Her exceptional musicianship, performance experiences, and friends who make and play the Ocarina are truly unique. 

NEWS: I Hope that you are having a safe, lovely, warm and peaceful Winter!  I have several very fun events coming up and new recordings soon!

Adventures with an Ocarina – an introduction to and workshop about playing the OcarinaSat. Feb. 23, 2019 from 9:30 -11:30am or 1:30-3:30pm near Carnation, WA  The workshop will include a history and overview of the ocarina, including an opportunity to see many different types of ocarinas from around the world from my personal collection.  The second part will involve learning how to play a simple 6-holed ocarina, tuned to concert pitch. This ocarina is included in the workshop price of $55. For details please go to the following link:   

I have several shows coming up with Tingstad & Rumbel, the earliest being on Friday, April 5 on Camano Island   

I will be performing in Portland Oregon with Naomi LaViolette on another wonderful "Saving His Music Project", Sunday April 14

Then I will be off to Italy to perform at the Budrio Ocarina Festival in late April.  It is my first visit to this wonderful festival and I am very much looking forward to it.  I finally was able to meet Fabio Galliani in person in China at April at the Jaixing 10th International Ocarina Festival after many years of emails.  I also so enjoyed meeting the fabulous players of the Molinella Ocarina Group.   I am still choosing the repertoire that I will play for this upcoming concert. I'm hoping to premiere a new ocarina piece.

I have a new recording which, hopefully, will come out by early summer entitled Confluence.  It is with my talented friends David Michael, Celtic Harp and Benjy Wertheimer on tabla and engineering etc...... It also includes wonderful guest artists who I will introduce at a later update.  A couple of the tunes have ocarina along with sarode, tabla, and harp.  Stay tuned:)
I played Ocarina and several other instruments for Linda Yapp's lovely new children's album entitled 

I had an amazing April 2018 performing in Jaixing China at the 10th Annual Feng Ya International Ocarina Festival.  I will try to post some photos -- just so much to do!!  I composed and performed a world premiere of a piece especially written for the festival entitled "Silk".  I am very grateful for the generous hospitality of Zack Shih and the wonderful folks at FocaLink/Stein/Feng Ya.   There were also school concerts in Nanjing which were a total delight -- brought me to tears! I met and heard so many wonderful players from so many countries!

That's all for now!  Send me an email if you have questions :)

BUSINESS NEWS:  Nancy is available for Ocarina Consults on Skype.  For more information:

ABOUT THIS SITE:  "I have the distinct pleasure and honor of professionally playing and composing music for the Ocarina for several decades.  During this time I have met many incredible ocarina makers and players and collected some amazing instruments. While working on my Ocarina compilation entitled Ocarina Music I realized I wanted to create a website to share information about Ocarinas from around the world and my Ocarina projects. However my schedule is very busy and I get behind on posting so many things that I would love to share. Hopefully soon! :) 

Thank you for your support, patience, questions and enthusiasm! 

  World Peace Through Ocarinas!

                     Nancy Rumbel